Crystal Mountain Glacier bottled water cooler


Available in Black | White | Granite
31.2cm (W) x 31.4cm (D) x 98cm (H)

Winix 7 series bottled water cooler

7 Series

Available in Silver | Grey
33.4cm (W) x 35.2cm (D) x 103cm (H)

Crystal Mountain Everast Elite without shadow

Everest Elite

Available in Black with Chrome trim
31.9cm (W) x 32.7cm (D) x 105.3cm (H)

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Crystal Mountain Everest Elite with shadow

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For all bottled floor-standing and counter-top water coolers.

Aquarius plumbed-in water cooler


Available in White
32cm (W) x 32cm (D) x 98cm (H)

Ebac Fleet plumbed in water cooler


Available in Silver | Grey | Black
36.5cm (W) x 35cm (D) x 112.5cm (H)

Oasis Kalix plumbed in water cooler


Available in Silver | Black
32cm (W) x 34.5cm (D) x 111cm (H)

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For all plumbed-in floor-standing and counter-top water coolers and instant hot water boilers.

Arctic revolution
Crystal Mountain avalanche counter top


Available in Black | White
33cm (W) x 36.8cm (D) x 41.9cm (H)

Oasis Onyx counter top


Brushed Steel | Black
31.7cm (W) x 35.6cm (D) x 45.4cm (H)


Available in White | Silver | Black
32.5 (W) x 38cm (D) x 47.5cm (H)

Marco AT10


Instant hot water boiler
25cm (W) x 44.8cm (D) x 48.8cm (H)

AA 1200L


Instant hot water boiler
26cm (W) x 26cm (D) x 56cm (H)

Lincat EB3FX


Instant hot water boiler
25cm (W) x 25.5cm (D) x 60cm (H)

Water cooler bottle hood

Bottle Hood

Available Blue | Black | Grey

7oz blue cups

7oz Cups

100% recyclable

Spill mat

Spill Mat

More colours available

Pet bowls

Dog bowl

Treat your pets

Three tracker Sports Bottles

Tracker Bottle

Available Berry | Aqua | Black

Refillable tracker water Bottles

Three tracker Sports Bottles

Take advantage of our special offer. Help save our planet and reduce your plastic waste with a refillable 750ml daily tracker water bottle.